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Title: wireless RF module
Post by: tangray on August 22, 2006, 02:34:11 AM
TangRay is bringing you full a full short-range wireless portfolio with market-leading, low-power RF Transceiver Modules, The world is going wireless and TangRay's RF Data Modules drive this development. With increasingly mobile lives and a higher demand for convenience, consumers are rapidly adapting to wireless devices for a variety of personal and professional needs. Our ambition is to become a leading supplier within our market segments, which are Home and Building Automation and Consumer Electronics, Automatic Meter Reading, Low power telemetry.
Our products:
Wireless Module, Wireless Data Module, RF Data Module, Wireless Transceiver Module, Wireless Meter Reading Module 
Relative RF-IC:
CC1000, CC1070, CC1020, CC1100, CC2400, NRF401

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