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The X10Hub (PiX10Hub) is here! Created by the Community, for the Community.:)% #:)

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 on: August 15, 2019, 10:17:39 PM 
Started by npaisnel - Last post by npaisnel
Been speaking with BWSystems who developed the HA-Bridge.

Seems that the Harmony Hub will just “see” all my X-10
devices in the same way as Alexa sees them.  The HA-Bridge presents the X-10 devices as Philips Hue devices... I had forgotten how it worked

Harmony Hub on its way... will update when it arrives.

 on: August 15, 2019, 08:13:42 PM 
Started by Tuicemen - Last post by edjal
 I Did find an error in the log and corrected it. It had nothing to do with the macro I am trying to configure. I have noticed that the macro takes place automatically at the programmed start time of 8:30am  and again at 10:30pm but in between these times detected motion at X10 B2 (MS16A) does not activate macro however Hg genie confirms motion at X10 B2 but macro is not generated. I believe at this point that the macro program code I authored cant be language HG understands as written. If someone has the time to look at the macro I posted a snapshot of and can see my mistake please feel free to help me with this problem. I would be so grateful.  Edjal

 on: August 15, 2019, 07:54:19 PM 
Started by bf9ys02 - Last post by dave w
Should all x10 dimmers work with DIMMABLE LEDs?  I'm using one with a WS467.  Dim and brighten work but off does not go completely off.  Just very dim.
Yeah, I have similar situation, however I have a couple that I want to stay on and use them as night lights. At the "off" glow they use less power than an incandescent night light and light the kitchen well enough that I don't stub toe. As far as ones that go dark on a X10 wall switch, a "100W equivalent" LED bulb (13 watts actual) is dark when off, everywhere I have tried them (wall switch, lamp module, socket rocket).

 on: August 15, 2019, 01:59:14 PM 
Started by bf9ys02 - Last post by Brian H
The plug in X10 dimmer modules. May also have problems with dimmable LEDs.

The older ones have Local Control Sensing. The sensing current can keep some LEDs glowing or when off trigger the module back On.

The presently sold Soft Start ones also have the sensing. They also do not dim down to 0%. With any type bulb including incandescent.


 on: August 15, 2019, 07:18:29 AM 
Started by bf9ys02 - Last post by Brian H
X10 wall switch dimmers. Will not work with all dimmable LED bulbs.

The WS467 and other X10 two wire dimmer wall switches. Steals power through the Load and are sold for incandescent loads only. This needed current keeps many dimmable LED bulbs partially glowing.

Some brands and models maybe better than others. You may get more details on brands that may work better from other users here.

I did some tests awhile ago. With a WS12A. Some LEDs glowed when Off. Some the Local controls worked fine but no X10 power line commands worked. Some if On power line commands could brighten and dim them.

Some users have tested different brands and models. To find an acceptable dimmable LED bulb.

If you have a Neutral power connection. There is an X10Pro dimmer that works better than the two wire X10 switches. The Insteon modules that had X10 as an optional address not too sure if they still do. Also worked better as they also use a Neutral connection.

 on: August 14, 2019, 11:58:15 PM 
Started by bf9ys02 - Last post by bf9ys02
Should all x10 dimmers work with DIMMABLE LEDs?  I'm using one with a WS467.  Dim and brighten work but off does not go completely off.  Just very dim.

 on: August 14, 2019, 04:10:46 PM 
Started by Brian H - Last post by Brian H
This topic has been moved to Troubleshooting Automation Problems.

 on: August 14, 2019, 04:10:13 PM 
Started by mikeythemars - Last post by Brian H
The X10 Wiki has some XPT information.

As you pointed out. It doesn't specifically show removal. The keypad instructions do indicate you put the top catch into the notch on the top. Then push the connection pins into the lower socket. You may just have to pull the bottom connector out of the socket and unsnap the top catch. Hopefully more input will come from others.

Both the XPT base and XPT keypads have instructions in the Wiki if you need them. You may also want to read the information on the later and earlier XPT module and keypad. To ensure the new keypad you want to test with can be used with your base.

If you have an X10 module you can set to the same address as the problem PR511. As a test see if the keypad can control  the test module. If it can then you have other issues. Like something changed on the power line to effect the X10 commands or the PR511 may have failed.

 on: August 14, 2019, 01:00:48 PM 
Started by mikeythemars - Last post by mikeythemars
I have an XPT unit in my garage that is controlling two exterior lights using an XP2 two switch.  One of the lights (an early release version of the PR511 dual floodlight motion detector) is no longer responding to any X10 commands or attempts to turn it on using the switch in the garage.

I have a spare, brand new XP2 switch I want to use to see if that fixes the problem.  The issue I am facing is I can't find directions anywhere on how to remove existing keypad switches that have been installed on an XPT (the X10 directions for these units don't have any removal instructions) and i am reluctant to just try and pry out the existing switch out, given the tab lock and pin system that is used to install them, which ls designed in a way that looks like it will almost guarantee that the XPT unit will damaged if you try to remove and replace the installed switch.

Any thought on ways how to do the switch replacement will be greatly appreciated!             

 on: August 14, 2019, 10:52:13 AM 
Started by Tuicemen - Last post by edjal
 Mike Thanks I will give it  a look

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