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The Finer Art of Posting to the Forums


I have a friend that refuses to try anything new and must be walked threw it once or twice before he's comfortable enough to try on his own.
So this is for people like that!(A Walk Through) ;) :D
This is mainly for the Guests or lurkers who haven't jumped into the Water yet! As TakeTheActive tried to encourage with
 Topic: GUESTS/LURKERS: Why Don't You Register (and Become NEWBIEs)?  Newbies and some regular users will benefit from this! More so from the next posts! How did they do that? ;) :D

* First step to posting is to try and post in the correct section(make sure your in that section)Not a biggy as COs can move to the correct location but try!
* Next click on the new topic button at the right of the screen(if your repling to a post click on the reply button)This brings up a screen as below
* Type in the subject try to be descriptive (help just doesn't cut it!) ;) :)
* Start typing in the large text box the message you wish to post supply as much info as you can it realy helps! ;) :) :D
* When your done click Spell Check (yes I use this although not 100% accurate or reliable!)  ;) :D[/color]
* now click "Preview" this will show you what your message will look like when finished :o ;) :D ;D
* Don't like what you see then edit it and click preview until your happy! Then click "Post"
.Welcome to the X10  forums  and the Cheers gang! ;) :D ;D

Ok so now you've got the basics of posting down!
but you see a post and you say "How did they do that?"
The answer is  the little square boxes ! ;) :D ;D To use these highlight the text you wish to change then click the box you wish to apply
So I'll walk you threw some of the most usedFirst row

* The first 7 boxes are basicaly font styles hover your curser over them and it will display what they'll do to your font
* next 4 boxes are for text alignment
* the A with the up and down arrows sets the size just increase or decrease the number until you get the size you wish
* The Change color box does just that scroll down to the color you wish
.Second row
* The globe with the paper sheet allows you to insert a web link it creates url & /url in square brackets arround the text in the url brackets type"= then the address"
* next box inserts an Email address link
* The next allows to enter a fttp site
* Over to the last 2 Boxes," Insert Quote" alows you to Quote someone and adds the text to a
--- Quote ---shaded box
--- End quote ---
* "Insert list" alows you to create a list such as this!
* clicking on the little faces simply adds them to the spot where your curser is in the message :o ;) :D
.Once you've played a little and used the Preview button your ready to release your creation for the rest of us to see!
;) :D ;DNow your a Power poster ;D :D ;)

Oops ::) :-[
You forgot to add something! or noticed a grammar error!
Not a problem! ;) :)
 How do you fix it?
Simple click on "Modify"(right side of screen above your post) that brings up your original post and you can edit it ! ;)
Don't post another message stating the Oops, just fix the original post! ;) :D ;D
Even experienced posters are guilty of this! :( ::) ;)

So you want to create a Poll
Click on "New Poll" instead of "New Topic" this brings up the added options to the top of the message box fill in the required info
* type in your subject
* type in your question
* type in answers in the option boxes
* need more answers click on "add option"
* Change the # in"poll options:"for the maxium vote one can cast
* the rest of the options are self explanitory
* type in a short message in the message box and post! ;) :DTada your first poll :D ;)

I'm told "I'm an Artist"  ::) :-[ ::) creative maybe ;) but I do believe "pictures are worth a thousand words !"

 There are two ways to do this!
1: If you want to insert a picture from a web page

* type in the address of the image in your message
* highlight the address
* click on the insert image button2: If you which to upload a pic

* have the image saved on your PC
* in your message click on Additional Options
* a screen appears with an Attch: box(which is blank) beside it is a browse button
* click on the browse button
* a chose file box pops up showing files on your PC
* select the pic you wish to up load
* click the more attachments if you wish to upload more to the same post
* click the post buttonNote: With this option your limited to the total size of attachments to 128kb
 You will get the message that will tell you the file is to big if you exceed the size allowed!
You also can't preview with an attachment (well you can but your attachment won't show and you'll have to redo the above steps ::)) ;)But you want to capture and send  a screen shot!Not a problem:
* In XP make sure the screen you want to capture is displayed Hit the "Print Screen" key on the keyboard (it's the key to the right of your F12 key)
* now open windows paint (located under Accessories)
* click edit then paste
* cut the portion you wish to save then open a new file and past that to it
* click on save as and save as a jpg and to a location you can easily remember like your desk topNote:You can add text, arrows, the pic if you wishAHHH!! my file is to big!Again not a problem!
* open windows paint load the file
* select stretch/skew from the image dropdown
* in the strech  box change the horiziontal and vertical to 50% and click ok
* click save and try uploading againNote : You can blow this pic away when your done as there is a copy in the forum Posts and every one can see it! ;) :D ;D


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