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Author Topic: Halloween ideas  (Read 7406 times)


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Halloween ideas
« on: October 17, 2006, 12:19:39 PM »

Created this post for Halloween ideas:  Suggestions / additional ideas welcome.

"Madness with X10: This year can be different...."
"Your house really can be possessed." (Or Haunted)

1 - You walk up.  Flicker lights turn on magically.
2 - You get closer.  The pumpkins light up.  A Blacklight turns on.
3 - Wind/spook music is heard.  (Computer sound from macro to audio amp/powered speakers run out window, or auto reverse cassette player an Appliance module AM486 or 2-way)
4 - The second you step on the porch, "Click!" a strobe comes on & tripps you out. What is going on?
5 - You knock. No answer. You knock again.
6 - As the door opens, the sound of glass breaking from inside and a REAL SPOOK send you running.  Batteries & Chainsaw not included ;0
7 - As they leave, "Have a SPOOKtacular Halloweeeeeeen!" is heard. (Will drop if Computer audio becomes overly complicated or unreliable.)
8 - Did I mention that we have their expressions as movies to send to friends & family!! Well, X10 recorded it all!

** Best of all, I you have to do is dress creepy and open the front door.  X-10 does the rest!! **

What's needed for the above scenario:

1 - Motion sensor (Hawkeye/ActiveEye), Socket Rockets (pumpkins) or LM486 lamp modules, Flicker lamps at Lowe's, Wal-Mart, Home Depot etc.  ActiveHome Pro with SmartMacros for automation.
   - TM751 Transciever on extension cord if neccessary, under car to hide?.)
2 - Motion sensor MS13A/MS14A, Appliance Module AM486 with auto-starting blacklight, LM465 Lamp module , scarce 2-way module preferred for fade in + remembers last level)
3 - Computer to audio amp or auto reverse cassette on appliance module
4 - MS13A/MS14A sensor, appliance module AM486 or 2-way
5 - Anticipation anyone?
6 - Computer macro to audio amp/powered speakers or auto reverse cassette on appliance module AM465.  **Requires OnAlert Security Package & LM10A to use the door as your trigger in SmartMacros.
7 - Computer macro to audio amp or auto reverse cassette on appliance module.
8 - Video Cassette recorder & Video commander II, or Activehome Pro, VA11A USB Video capture with cameras, and use of macros in Activehome Pro.

- Macros can turn off spook lights in 1 & 2 earlier than 5 minutes.

- Events could be alternatively triggered manually with SmartMacros and a Palmpad if you want to control it all.  Placement of Transciever module can be routed with an extension cord, and you can use an empty zone like "H" for halloween.  Placing transciever outside using extension cord may help effective range.

- Computer sound by running macro that executes a soundplayer program and WAV or MP3.
Researching this idea; preferred method; Appliance modules with tape deck is fallback.
I will be looking for sound archives and compatible music players...should not be difficult.

I could control it from outside on a wireless laptop using VNC if I so desired.

Need to hook up USB to better computer since timing is more critical than with my
BookPC I use for security system using VNC. 

- ADVANCED IDEA: Universal module could be used for any battery operated devices and wired in to battery compartment with wires, foil as needed, and napkins or plastic piece inline as an insulator!   
"Spring - send wire - insulator - return wire - First or last battery" 
Obviously X10 will not accept liability if you short out the batteries & do it wrong & cause the batteries to leak, catch fire, & explode.  The insulator is critical for it to work.
Motion triggering capable using motion sensor & Transciever (RR501/TM751) by addressing ther sensor to the same as the Universal module or by using SmartMacros with different addresses (Zone/Address i.e H1&2) .
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Re: Halloween ideas
« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2006, 11:37:25 PM »

:D Sound issue was solved by a program called sounder.exe, and running it from a batch file.  :D
It failed to run straight from a command line.  Reason unknown.  Expected it to work.

see post:

should have been an internal command...
but It works...On to the macros!!!




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Re: Halloween ideas
« Reply #2 on: October 20, 2006, 11:24:06 AM »

I like! 
I'm working on similar setup.  I wonder about the audio though.  I have a few CD's with scary sounds that I wouldn't mind dowloading on MP3 or something similar.  I am needing to get the sound from the computer to the front porch. 

Here's what I got so far:

I changed the front porch lights with red (25w) bulbs and they pretty much stay on all the time for the show.  I set up a macro to control a shop flood light to cast bright light over the front door area.  You can't really tell that the red lights are on too.  When someone activates a motion sensor at the beginning of the sidewalk, it shuts the floodlight off, as well as triggers two strobes and two blacklights.  One of the strobes is pointing toward a "Gemmy Products" sound and motion activated floating ghost and the other is pointing towards a hanging skeleton figure in a cage.  All the while, I have the scary sounds going.  I changed the flash rate on each of the strobes so it won't be repetitious.
After they leave, everything goes out and the flood light comes back on making it to appear that the house is welcoming all.

I am currently working on a "pop-up" dead guy from a coffin activated by pneumatic cylinders trigger (for now) by a push button.  Later I'll try to get it motion activated using X10 products.  You can check out how to build these props here: I'm going to do a version of "the body slinger".
I'll try to post a video link when I'm finished.
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