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Author Topic: Extended Data with statusrequest  (Read 89357 times)


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Re: Extended Data with statusrequest
« Reply #45 on: November 15, 2006, 02:55:20 PM »

I need some assistance, too.  I am implementing the PalmPad web-based remote.  It works great on the server side ( when executed/viewed from the server machine), but when I try to click the lights on buttons on a client machine, it appears to try to execute it locally, rather than on the server side.  How can I fix this.  I use Microsoft's Expression web editor. and here is a copy of the actual code generated...

<a href="javascript:getUSCode(1,'on');" onMouseOver="ppImgOn('Button1');window.status='';" onMouseout="ppImgOff('Button1');window.status='';">
<img name="Button1" src="ActiveHouse_files/palmpad/Button1_off.gif" width=34 height=21 border=0 onclick="ActiveHomeObj.SendAction(&quot;sendplc&quot;, &quot;j1 on&quot;);" alt=""></a></td>

you can see the ActiveHomeObj.SendAction(&quot;sendplc&quot;, &quot;j1 on&quot;)" section that executes the command, but how can I force it to run against the server-machine instead of whatever machine is viewing the page?  Thanks
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