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Author Topic: Sending CamGoPosition1, etc. Solved!  (Read 7490 times)

David Mark

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Sending CamGoPosition1, etc. Solved!
« on: December 17, 2006, 11:43:22 PM »

The short answer is: don't use a CM19a (has no range.)  That's why the CM15a was reporting sporadic RF commands (I had a CM19a plugged in and hanging behind my computer desk from a year ago!)  I unplugged it.  My mistake there as I was trying to test the CM15a's transmit capabilities and forgot all about the "firecracker."

Use the house code only.  (eg. sendrf D CamGoPosition1.)  As I mentioned, forget the CM19a unless your camera is in the same room.

So Misterhouse will control (as well as track) the Ninjas after all.

And the SDK DOES work with the CM19a.  And you do not have to send these camera commands twice.
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