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Author Topic: UX23A VCR Commander II & Multiple IR Emitters...  (Read 3417 times)


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UX23A VCR Commander II & Multiple IR Emitters...
« on: March 03, 2007, 07:13:09 PM »

I am currently monitoring 2 areas of my home using XC18A cameras with Eagle Eye motion sensors. I am using 2 VCR's to record activity from each camera separately. One VCR is controlled with the UX23A Commander and the other with the UX21A Commander. I'm using multiple VCR's because I want to be sure to record all activity even when they occur at the same time. The system works well, thanks to this Forum. My question is this: I would like to add an additional camera and motion sensor to my system. I understand that the UX23A can be triggered by up to 4 motion sensors. Since the UX23A can be triggered by 4 sources, can it also controll multiple VCR's since there are 3 IR emitters?? If there are some suggestions on how I can improve what I'm doing I would be very happy to hear about them. Thank you for your response.
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