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Author Topic: Does Anyone Have Any Luck With X10 Cameras Lasting Over 8 Months or so?  (Read 8575 times)


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I understand it just a cheap product and I should not have wasted my money on the two cameras, but was thinking I would at least get a couple years out of them. I purchased one of the cheap day/night cameras for $45.00 dollars at Home Depot and that was two years ago and it still works great. Then after reading the forum and seeing all the complaints I figured the X10 was not going to last. One lasted about 6 months and the other about 8 months. About 80% of the complaints on the forum at that time were there was no return calls or emails for the defective X10 products. I was even more surprised they had a forum up with hundreds of complaints and how people would never purchase their product again. Most of the ones that were really upset had purchased thousands of dollars worth of security equipment from this company and expected to get a quality product. Fortunately I only purchased two X10 cameras for I think $39.95 or $69.95, so I was able to just trash mine and learn as always...YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! I was just curious if the quality has improved and these little X10 cameras would last a bit longer. Mine were wireless and if I were to purchase more, I think they will be wired.



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I, for  one, have not had a problem with any of the 8 X10 cameras I have. Some of the cameras are well over two years old (can't remember when I got my first one) I have a variety wired, wireless, B&W and color. I also have four of the Ninja Mounts and with the exception of the one I mounted upside down (rain got in) they have also worked flawlessly.

My only negative comment on the cameras is their poor low light performance and overall low video quality. This is not a complaint bur simply an observation. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR and at the price I think they are well worth it. ;D

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I still have the original X10 brown modules, purchased decades ago, still working.
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I've not had any major problems with cams or modules failing completely other then the TM751 I burnt up (using modified sine wave power) ::)
I have both wired and wireless cams one wired cam(Cam Anywhere) is close to 10 years old if not older. Of those years 90% of it has been outside exposed to the elements.
Now I have had problems with the Low light cam if left on to long it will turn itself off and not turn back on until the wallwart has cooled MAYBE THIS IS YOUR SITUATION Actually I think I had a ninja pan&tilt that had the same problem! Don't be to quick to throw out your devices that appear to have quite working ;) they may only need a cooling off time ;) :D ;D or a new part in my case a different wallwart fixed the problem ;)
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tom j

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Well ditto to what everyone else has said I have 4 wireless and 1 wired cameras and have had absolutely no problems over the past 3 years. Now my favorite is the Floodcam but I just noticed a problem or what I believe is a problem with one of my Floodcams the problem is that after the lights are activated and turn off it takes about 45 seconds before it will detect motion again and activate the floods, anyone else notice this seems like they should be ready to immediately activate the floodlights after they initially shutoff. thanks

Tom j
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