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I setup a few macros to email me snapshots of the outside cameras when motion is detected outside. The setup works quite nicely, however when I receive emails the timestamp shown is 4 hours behind my time zone (EST). I looked under AHP options and preferences, but I couldn't find a way to change this. Can anybody tell me where I can go and change this setting? It is missleading and confusing. It almost looks like it's coming from the X10 server, but this should be a user-based parameter, NOT server based.

If your sending them e-mail you don't need the time stamp your e-mail program states the time and date recieved! ;)
This may still not be dead on but I bet it is closer then 4 hours off! ;)

I am not sure I understand what you mean... My macros send emails with pictures to my work account. When I get the emails at work, the timestamp of the email is 4 HOURS EARLIER. Example: macro kicks in at 10:07 AM, emails 4 pictures (one pic every 30 seconds for 120 seconds). I get those 4 emails AT 10:07 AM, same time they were sent, but the email's timestamp is 6:07 AM. WHY IS THAT and where can I change these settings?

Check your pc time....AHP syncs to whatever pc clock shows.

I assumed the time stamp that was out of sync was the ones on the pics, not the  e-mail recieve time
In any case do what Tinman55  is suggesting on both machines ;) as the e-mail program also gets the time from the PC


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