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Author Topic: Leviton 6381 And AHP Compatability  (Read 1765 times)

tom j

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Leviton 6381 And AHP Compatability
« on: June 15, 2007, 04:31:55 PM »

Hi guys well I just bought two of those Leviton 6381 to try out decided to get them because of the soft ramping  the light fades up gradually and because it was listed under lamps in the software so I assumed they were compatible with AHP software and the CM15a. Well I installed one for my front porch lights thought it would be cool to have them come on at dust and ramp softly up to 65% brightness. Well the problem is that they turn on alright but when the CM15a sent the dim comand they didn't dim properly  these have a memory so that they remember the last dim level so I'm wondering if that's the problem I'm not sure how x12 transmitts the dim commands if they fist send an on comand then the dim comand or what if so that could be the problem although I did change the name of the light switch  in my set up under edit so the software should know it's working with a Levition with soft start. Really confused and was hoping someone could give me a hand I really like the soft start but if they not going to work with the dim commands well I just won't be ordering any more. Thanks!

Tom j
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