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Author Topic: AHP with Quad Processor and VA11A  (Read 5707 times)


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AHP with Quad Processor and VA11A
« on: June 23, 2007, 02:50:21 AM »

For reference, I currently have AHP and for video I currently have 2 wired cameras feeding into a Lorex Color Quad Processor, which than goes into the VA11A.  I don't have the cameras power supply plugged into any sort of AHP modules:

When I create a new camera in AHP, it gets split into four sections by my quad processor (understandable), displaying the camera on quad channel 1 in the upper left hand corner and the camera on quad channel 2 in the upper right hand corner.  Is there a way to have channel 1 and 2 on the quad processor be its own camera in AHP?
Computer: Windows XP, AMD 3200+, ATI Radeon x700 series/256mb, 1 Gig Ram
AHP Version: 3.204 with Iwitness and Smart Macro plugin
VA11A - USB video adapter capture
VA11A driver version: 3/19/2001,
CM15A - Computer interface with USB cable
Lorex Color Quad Processor SGQ4160
Camera: (2) Astak CM-818W night vision color CM-818W
Ninjas; (2) VK74A Pan and tilt system
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