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Author Topic: [User Idea] Complete Solution to Increase the CM15A Range - WITH AN AMPLIFIER!  (Read 15091 times)


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Complete solution for really increase a range on CM15A with amplifier

Link for Modify a CM15A :

Now, after did this, you have to know that it possible to increase a db, just add an amplifier, such this :

Quote from:  Tony (Lindsay BoradBand Inc) wrote :

I suggest an antenna preamp LSA151 that covers the full 54 to 1000MHz band has 15dB gain, and uses 75 ohm coaxial input and output ports. 

For LSA151 you will have to be careful that there are no strong signals above 310MHz that could overload the preamp.
If you use an antenna tuned to 310MHz that will help a lot.

Make sure that the LSA151 (or a preamp) is placed right at the antenna.  There should only be short cable between the antenna and the preamp.  The long cable should be placed between the preamp and the receiver.

Note that the LSA8 may not be ideal for use as a preamp because it only has 8dB gain.  Preamps are generally 15 to 25dB gain, with low noise figure. If you are worried about overloading the CM15A then you can put a filter between the preamp and the CM15A.   Perhaps the CM15A already has an input filter?  But don't put a filter between the antenna and the preamp, or you cancel the benefit of the preamp's low NF.

Here are a couple of web sites for you.
Useful information:

Antenna length calculator:
You should use approximately 9 inches for 1/4 wavelength at 310MHz.  But read the first link to find out more about it.  Maybe you would want to make it 1/2 wavelength at a different frequency to help "reject" an interfering strong signal in the area.
Like this next photo, the wire should not be thicker than #19 AWG, otherwise the contact fingers inside the LSA will never again accept the proper pin diameter.  It is ok to push the larger #14 wire in there, but don't try to use a smaller wire later because it will not connect very well anymore. So just to grind a wire to can insert in a hole easily.
Cost on February 2007 is approximately $24 + S&H

I tested this method on my home with a LSA8.
Before to install this amplifier, with external antenna, many SS13A and many MS14A functioned very badly.

Outside, with KeyChain Remote (KR19A), I could control a lamp from 12 feets (note that my
house is made with wall 10 inches + 4 inches of brick).

On first test I did an error, I installed a LSA-8 near of my CM15A... It was
6 inch between LSA-8 and my CM15A and 20 feet between LSA-8 and antenna!

On second test, I did his suggestion, and I installed that he said me, LSA-8 near of Antenna,  now I have
20 feet between LSA-8 and my CM15A and 0 inch between LSA-8 and antenna!

Yes, I connected antenna directly on LSA-8 such photo, I use copper wire #14
WOW, Now all work fine ! I can operate any light anywhere in my house.

So, I installed a LS8 amplifier like a next photo .
Inside, now, All SS13A and MS14A work fine anywhere in my house.
Outside, with KeyChain Remote (KR19A) a range is 24 feet instead 12 (note that my walls are 14 inches thickness with brick)

I regret not having tested this method before, I lost several hours has to test all kind of things.
For my house, this method proves to be the best.

About LSA151, maybe that I able to increase a range, but I’m not sure.

Photo = LSA-8
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Brian H

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Thank you for the project details and results.


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In addition, the original poster has been warned.

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tom j

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I for one Just tired of having to hack or modify everything you buy from x10 I've said it often times that the CM15a has tremendous, no incredible potential and x10 could sell millions more if not for all the software and in this case hardware issues, x10 is so intent on cutting cost that's why have acquired such a negative reputation in terms of overall quality. I hate Chinese electronics and I feel the Chinese manufacture the poorest quality products in the world, it is possible although difficult to acquire quality products from China (maybe under the threat of death like the recent execution of there FDA chief, although that might be a bit extreme  ;D) Some of x10's products are really quite innovative and have decent quality I like the cameras the clarity on the two wireless cameras I have are excellent although I initially thought they were defective because the picture was not as good as I thought it should be turned out that although the picture on my 6 year old Sony I thought was pretty good apparently there was a problem with the RCA inputs, and after I purchased my new TV I was just blown away at the clarity, they actually look better then the security cameras in the corner CVS. I'm currently having a problem with the video commander2 they die after about 5 months of normal use which has kind of crippled my entire surveillance system. I just feel Chinese goods have the worst quality worldwide some manufactures are able to consistently produce quality products like Oregon Scientific x10 should try to find out how they do it and take there lead, and incorporate some form of quality control which they obviously have little or none of.

Tom j
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