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This is NOT a place to post non working macros and/or ask question on how to fix them.
The requirements to post a macro are:
MUST be a working macro.
No Pseudo code
AHP version
A narrative
Run from PC or Interface
Keep post similar in format as below:

AHP 3.206
Runs from the interface
This macro turns on a wall switch module that i have a floodlight hardwired to.  It is triggered by an Active Eye that I have in my driveway assigned to house/unit code E1.   Since I have a large driveway, I have 2 active eyes out there both set to E1. Flag 2 is used to reduce the number of times the F1 On command is transmitted on the powerline so I don't flood the powerline with F1 on commands.  The delay in combination with the flag will let the macro run once every 10 seconds.

Macro Name:
Flood Drive On E1

Trigger & Conditions:
   E1 On and
   Flag Status Off exactly 2

   Set Flags [2] Flag Command 
   (F1) Flood Driveway WS467 ON
   Delay for 10 Seconds
   Clear Flags [2] Flag Command 

Note: This info may be cut and paste from the macro reports to save you time in creating the post!
Extra info may be supplied! EG: pics
Much thanks goes out to spam4us for his suggestions\example and input!
If you feel the need to post a question in a macro thread please keep it directed to the one the original poster and stay on topic!!


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