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Author Topic: Some general questions.  (Read 1896 times)


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Some general questions.
« on: January 01, 2008, 10:52:12 AM »

Dell 5150 PC - 3Ghz., 2GB RAM, Vista Ultimate
Using AHP with all modules, and the CM15A
AHP monitored HouseCode = "L", Transceived = "AUTO" and "A" is checked.
MT12A - Mini Timer - HouseCode = "L"
DS7000 Set to HouseCode "L" - Security UnitCode "5"
Sensors Monitored/Registered by DS7000
1. Motion Sensor #1 - A4
2. Motion Sensor #2 - A5
3. Motion Sensor #3 - A14
4. Door Contact #1 - A12
5. Door Contact #2 - A13
6. 4-KeyChain Remotes - A8, A8, A10, A11
7. 2-SH624 Security Remotes - A6, A7
(I don't want any additional sensors registered with the DS7000)

Sensors NOT installed/registered with DS7000:  (I have no idea how the addresses were set)
1. GarageDoor Contact #1 - "D1"
2. GarageDoor Contact #2 - "L13"

Various Lamp modules - all HouseCode = "L", 2 of which are set to UnitCode = "5". 
FloodCam set to "L8"  (VA11A will not install [Vista])


#1: Setting the DS7000 to HouseCode "L" sole purpose is to "Flash" on & off all units/devices with HouseCode = "L".

#2: Setting the HouseCode to "L" and the UnitCode on the DS7000 to "5" means that all/only units set to "L5" will (1) Flash on & off when the DS7000 is "armed" - AND - all/only units set to "L5" will respond to the KeyChain/Security Remotes' "Lights On/Lights Off" button presses.

#3: (a) - Why & how did my 2 garage sensors get addressed (D&L instead of A)? (b) - Do I care?  (c) Should I change them? (d) How?

#4: Should I move my FloodCam to some other HouseCode (so that it won't get "flashed" upon an alarm trip)?

#5: How do Macros that use security sensors get addressed?  i.e. I created a macro to ARM my system remotely.  It's reported address is "L7", which is the same address as one of my wall switches.  At DAWN, AHP turns OFF L7, but the activity records are:
202 01/01/2008 7:16:38 am Macro L7 (Arm-No Motion)
203 01/01/2008 7:16:38 am Macro L Off

Likewise, every command sent to L7 results in an Activity Record entry naming L7 (Arm-No Motion).  The system doesn't attempt to arm - so why the entry?

#6:  Macros that are dependent upon a CONDITION and a Security Sensor require a Phantom device.  There was/is  a really good write-up on this issue, but I can't find it.  And even though I read it, I don't understand.  Suppose I have a security sensor "Front Door", and it's address is A12.  I want an email sent when the front door sensor is triggered, IF the date is between Jan 1st and Jan 15th.

#7:  When you create a macro that is not dependent upon a security sensor trigger, what does the "Trigger Address" mean & why is it significant?  What do the macro On/Off buttons mean?

Enough for now....thanks!
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Re: Some general questions.
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2008, 12:16:11 PM »

#7:  When you create a macro that is not dependent upon a security sensor trigger, what does the "Trigger Address" mean & why is it significant?  What do the macro On/Off buttons mean?

Enough for now....thanks!

If you set a macro to trigger with, for example, L4 'on', then AHP/CM15A will execute that macro whenever it "sees" the command of L4 'on'.   The L4 'on' could come from a manual controller or something like your mini-timer.  BTW, you might not need the mini-timer anymore since AHP/CM15A does timer events too.

Also, as to the macro's on/off button.  The grayed out one is the one selected.  Kind-of backward (and therefore confusing) from the Window's general standard where grayed out doesn't mean "selected", but instead means, "not even available for selection".
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Re: Some general questions.
« Reply #2 on: January 04, 2008, 07:10:37 PM »

Since most of your questions involve the AHP plug-in On Alert read some of the post in that section start with my thread:  Tips and Helpfull Suggestions! as it will help point you to the answer to some of your questions! ;) :D
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