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I need help with IR Extender before I lose my mind

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Here's what I've got:

2.4GHz Wireless Audio/Video Sender Model No. VT46A
2.4GHz Wireless Audio/Video Receiver Model No. VR46A
Learning Remote Control Model UR74A

Everything works fine except I cannot change the TV channel through the receiver unit. The light inside the unit does nothing when I point the remote at it and push a button.

I know the remote works. It changes the channel fine when pointed directly at the TV. I also use the remote to successfully turn on/off X10 lights.

Please consider this scenario:

I have the sender unit connected to a VCR via red/white/yellow RCA jacks. My cable runs from the wall directly into the VCR, and then from the VCR to the TV. I have programmed the remote to work with my VCR. I can take the remote, point it at the VCR, and change channels successfully.

I have the receiver unit connected to a second TV via the coax connection. It receives good video and audio. When I change the channel on the VCR as mentioned above, the audio/video on this TV changes as well, just as it is supposed to do.

So...I know the sending unit works...I know the receiving unit works...and I know the remote works.

Next:  I have blocked off various areas on the front of the VCR until I am absolutely certain I know where the IR port is. I tried attaching one of the IR emitters, now I have both attached right next to the IR port on the VCR. Just right where they are supposed to be.

Now:  When I go to the VCR, point the remote at it, and change channels, everything works just as it is supposed to. Then, when I go to the second TV, the one with the receiving unit and point the remote at the IR port on the receiving unit and hit the change channel button, nothing happens. The light in the receiving unit does not blink. The light in the sending unit does not blink. The light on the remote blinks like it is supposed to. If I walk right back over to the VCR and hit the channel change button, without doing anything else, the channel changes.

For some reason, the receiving unit is not accepting signals from the remote. However, an x10 module that I have in my house does accept commands from this remote as does the VCR.

Why does the VR46A refuse to accept commands from the UR74A?

P.S.--My daughter just came in to ask me if I had this figured out you, and I assured her that, with your help, I soon would  ;) Thanks


--- Quote from: cddyal on March 09, 2008, 02:36:29 PM ---
Here's what I've got:

2.4GHz Wireless Audio/Video Sender Model No. VT46A
2.4GHz Wireless Audio/Video Receiver Model No. VR46A
Learning Remote Control Model UR74A

--- End quote ---

With computers EXACT language is very important.  Obviously you don't have a Powermid/IR Extender so my comments don't apply.  Someone else is going to have to help you on this.  Sorry.

While you're waiting for their answer you might check to see if you're running a wireless computer network, a wireless intercom, a wireless phone or anything similar that might be interfering with your A/V sender and receiver.

Thanks, maybe someone else has some ideas. I have turned off my wireless network, and my phones are 5.8 GHz, and there's not even one close to where my A/V unit is.

Again, the units send audio and video just fine, no interference. The remote works just fine on my VCR. But the receiving unit is not picking up the IR signal from the remote, plain and simple. So, why is the receiver unit not able to pick up the signal from the remote? When I hold the remote right in front of the receiver unit, click the remote right on the IR port of the receiver, and the receiver fails to blink or give any indication that it received that signal sent by the remote...what could be wrong?

I wish I could turn to X10 for help on what is probably a simple matter, but I know that's a waste of time. And all I'm trying to do is set up a TV in my kid's room. I have been working at this since Friday when I got home from work. I am pleading for a solution... :'(

DESPERATE for an answer here...
Please refer to my other posts to know exactly what equipment I'm talking about, but I have what is probably a fairly simple question:  If my 5-in-1 remote is properly programmed and working as it should, when I point it at the video receiver and "click" it, I should see the IR indicator light in the video receiving unit "blink," isn't that correct? I just need to know that first of all, because the light is not blinking now...

Bob S.:
 Your e-mail described my problem exactly.  Don't know what I did but suddenly the Direct TV remote in our bedroom is able to control the Direct TV DVR in the Den.  One change noted is now the bedroom Sat Box shows on Analog TV setting while the signal from the den shows on Composite 2 setting.  All access from  the bedroom to the Den TV is done using the Bedroom TV remote unit.

Bob S.


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