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Author Topic: Flood Cams Bugs Worked Out Yet??  (Read 4993 times)

tom j

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Flood Cams Bugs Worked Out Yet??
« on: April 15, 2008, 02:46:12 PM »

Hi guys just got a 2for from x10 two of those flood cams for 99 bucks great deal but last timed I checked everyone was complaining about all the problems they were having with them,  it's not such a great deal if the stuff doesn't work! so I though I would check here first. I got one I bought back a while ago set it up but never installed it because I noticed that in the house after it detected motion and it cut off it took about 45 sec or so before it would detect motion again not so bad I guess but technically it's defective and the warranty has expired  >:(  :P So what's the verdict do these thing work? looking for someone that purchased one recently I know the older ones are riddled with bugs. Don't know why I keep shooting myself in the foot buying this stuff glutton for punishment I guess.  :-\   Thanks!

Tom j.

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