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Author Topic: What is the difference between TM751 & X10 Pro RF Transceiver Module  (Read 8346 times)


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Could you guys tell me what is the difference between these two modules?
I have TM751 right now. But I was wondering if there is any module i can query its status via RF?
Because my CM15 & TM751 will be on the different powerline and it cause failure while I was using "queryplc" command.
Or you guys have any solution to this problem. Please help me out.
Thanks a lot.

Dan Lawrence

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The PA01 is simply the X10Pro number for the RR501.   The difference between the TM751 and the RR501/PA01 is that the RR501 is more polite and does not step on other RF signals, while the TM751 is not polite and will interfere.
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HA Dave

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............ Because my CM15 & TM751 will be on the different powerline ....

"on the different powerline ".... I am not sure what you mean by that. Do you mean on a different "phase" of your power supply (with the CM15A being on one Phase... and the TM751 being on the other?). If thats the case.... a passive phase coupler may be a better solution.
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Brian H

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Also the TM751 has no power line receiver and will not respond to an on off sent over the power line. Also it is hard coded to Unit #1. The PA01 has a switch on the front to pick 1 or 9 if memory serves me. I know my RR501 it is 1 or 9.
Neither the TM751 or PA01/RR501 have a RF transmitter; so they can not reply to any requests by RF signals.


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The key here is you wish to use the querry command a two way device is needed for that!
I don't beleive you can do an RF querry either!
How ever there maybe a work around for this using two CM15As and creating flags simular to those used in AHP!
Since this post is in the SDK section I presume you wish to use your own program!
Many here use two CM15As but I don't know of anyone to use them with the SDK!
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