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Author Topic: Tuicemen's Place (city residence)  (Read 80768 times)


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Re: Tuicemen's Place (city residence)
« Reply #90 on: February 07, 2020, 08:58:10 AM »

I'm verry impressed with my current home automation setup.  I use Amazon Alexa exclusively now though both Corona and Google are still I've configuered. My HomeGenie sever on a pi handles all my current needs and I'm finding it harder to imagine other possible things to add. In fact being retired I've actualy removed some automation (timers & macros). My pc still runs 24/7 but handles no automation  ::) :' so not sure why I leave it on. I do use the PC for surfing, forum posting and veiwing HG. However I find myself doing of this more each day from my phone.
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