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Author Topic: Newbie AHP Software Questions  (Read 1574 times)


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Newbie AHP Software Questions
« on: July 19, 2008, 11:15:58 AM »

I have some X10 experience and various modules.  However, I have not used the AHP or any home automation software.  My father-in-law died last Sunday and his home is now unoccupied.  He lives in another town.  My wife and will be making numerous trips during the next year to deal with the issues of selling his house and contents. 

I'd like to control several Home Automation functions from our house via the web.  I've printed out the AHP, iWitness, and My House Online Manuals and have reviewed them.  But I'd like some advice from users.

Here's what I'd like to do (ideally via the web):
1.  Be able to adjust the HVAC temperature remotely so that the house is cool in the summer (or warm in the winter) when we arrive. 
2.  Set various lights to come on and off at various times for security reasons.
3.  Install a few cameras and monitor the inside and outside of the house.
4.  Possibly interface to the Ademco Vista 20SE security system so we could be notified if a relative has entered the house.

1.  Is AHP a good, reliable software package?

2.  Is the Thermostat set-back controller (TH2807) the best way to control the HVAC or is there a better way?  I've read about Internet Controlled thermostats, but did not know if AHP would control them.

3.  What is the best way to implement cameras so we can monitor the house.  AHP. iWitness and My Home Online? or purchase a separate "nanny cam" system?

4.  Is AHP being maintained and enhanced?  I looked at a History Page on AHP ( and the last version was dated October 2007.  however, on the recent pages page ( there were entries dated as recently as June 17, 2008.  What is the difference?

5.  IS and AHP the best solution available for what I'd like to do.

I appreciate and advice you can provide.
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