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Author Topic: Macro dont know that lamp is ON ! What can I do ?  (Read 4566 times)


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Macro dont know that lamp is ON ! What can I do ?
« on: August 04, 2008, 06:11:35 PM »

This is my setup :

11:00PM outligts get ON 50%
When there is movment and outlights is ON, the sensor send signal to BRIGHT outlights to 100% the next 2minutes !

That work FINE when I turn the outlights On manually ..

But the problem is that the "CM15" turn ON the outlights automaticly, and then the macro dont know that the lights is ON..
So the macro dont start  ???   (macro has the command to NOT start if lights is not on modus ON)

So why dont the CM15 dont know that the lights itself turn ON is activated ??

I can remove the command that said "only work when ON-status"  , but the problem then is that the outlights get on at day also..  :o

Is there anybody that have a example how I can make this work?
I want my outdoor light to be ON at night with 50% power, and bright up to 100% when there is signal from the sensor..

plz.. help :)

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