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Author Topic: Setting up a Quad Processor with wireless cameras and vcr  (Read 4397 times)


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Setting up a Quad Processor with wireless cameras and vcr
« on: October 23, 2008, 12:45:25 PM »

The owner's manual for the Mace quad processor doesn't tell you how to set up the quad processor with wireless cameras and how to playback on a vcr.  Here are the instructions so nobody has to go through the two weeks of hell I just went through to set this up.
1. Set up the receivers to the quad processor by plugging in the bnc adaptors to the camera jacks in the back of the quad processor and plugging in the receivers.
2. Set the switches to A,B,C or D (one for each receiver)
3. Set up the quad processor.  Use the menu to set up the date, time, etc. Set the camera settings to PIP. You can turn off the annoying alarm beeping by setting the alarms to 0. To set up to record, disregard the quad out and vcr in plugs on the back of the quad processor. Plug monitor out to vcr in (on the back of the vcr) plug vcr out (on the back of the vcr) to the monitor in.  Make sure your vcr and monitor are on the proper channels. You can go up or down on the channel selectors to check. You will be able to record and play back directly from the vcr.
4. Set the switches on the cameras. There is a rubber plug on the camera. Remove it to find the switch. It is unmarked. A is the default, leave it alone. B is second position after A, C after B, D after C. You will need a SMALL flathead screwdriver to change the switch position. Set the house to A, camera one should show on the monitor. Set the house to B, set the camera to B. Cameras 1 & 2 should show on the monitor. Set C and D the same way. All 4 should now show on the monitor.

Don't use the remote that came with the cameras. You don't need it with all the cameras showing on the monitor at the same time.  I don't know if this will work with the motion detectors as I could never get the motion detector to work.
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