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Compact Flourescent Bulb RF Choke


What I'd like to see is something the size of the socket rocket, or smaller, that has a built in RF choke, or whatever voo-doo is needed, to filter out compact fluorescent bulbs.  I'm not necessarily looking for something that can control the bulb, just something that I can install to help filter out the noise that interferes with X10 operation.

Dan Lawrence:
What noise?   I use CFLs in Socket Rockets and do not get noise.  Appliance modules cause some CFLs to "blink" when off, the cure is a cube tap and a 4-watt night light. No blink, plus a built-in burned out bulb in the night light - the "blink". 

Brian H:
Would have to be a special filter for the X10 power line frequency as some generic filters actually degrade X10 signals as noise.
The noise may depend on the CFL brand and model. I have dissected some CFLs and their inputs vary greatly. Some do have a built-in choke and cap filter. Some have the cap after the choke some before. Some none at all.  ::)
I have seen some CFLs make noise on my ELF ESM-1 Tester but using a scope shows the noise may not be near the zero crossing so it may not effect the X10 signals too greatly.

Are you having problems with CFLs and X10 signals?


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