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Author Topic: Controlling X10 devices using Vista speech recognizion or other  (Read 6994 times)


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Hello everyone!

I just bought my first X10 devices. I am planning to build a system where I can control "everything" by voice commands. I have HTPC running 24/7 (Windows Vista Ultimate UK, 32 bit).
I would like to hear ideas how should I get started to make the voice commands to work. Is it a good idea to use Vista´s speech recognizion or should I consider some other software? I use the HTPC for viewing tv, listening to music etc, so it would be good if I could control those softwares too same way as I would control X10 devices. Can I control activehome pro by Vista´s speech recognizion?

Thanks a lot for any advises, ideas and suggestions

(going to translate my project pages to English soon

dave w

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If you already have, or plan on using the X10's CM15A and AHP software for automation, you might look at "BXVC" ( for voice control. I understand it is very good, and the author posts on this forum regularly. If you have not selected software or interface for X10 control, then at least look at "Homeseer" ( Homeseer is considerably more powerful than AHP, will accept many plug-ins for customization, and (IMHO) does not have the "quirkiness" of AHP....but is more expensive also ($300 w/interface vs $50).
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McIce  if your bent on creating your own software then you'll need the Active Home Pro SDK
And probably the Microsoft Speech SDK.
In either case I would recommend you look at  "BVC" as dave w suggested as it will work in Vista using its built in speech recognition controls.
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I just bought my first X10 devices. I am planning to build a system where I can control "everything" by voice commands.

I use BVC (Bills Voice Commander) and have for over a couple years now. Originally it was called BXVC [X for X10] but is now just BVC as it's abilities has expanded to include other devices... like IR control of TV's and A/V equipment.

I may very well be BVC's Biggest fan! I even have my own BVC  Fan - Web Site (already translated into a rough form of English) If you visit my Web Site you will see I have links to a huge amount of information about BVC... and its setup and use.

I have also posted some YouTube Videos showing BVC is use. You may want to visit my YouTube Channel to view the selection.

I could go on FOREVER about BVC. But I will let Bill - (of and others post too.
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A few cautions about BVC from the writer.

BVC only recognizes English and may not even do that on some non-english installs of Vista as Vista's built-in voice recognition defaults to the user's native language (or in some cases doesn't exist at all).

Also, BVC does not control other Windows software at present.

Feel free to try BVC if you like.  Without AHP you can still test simple commands like asking for the time and such.

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