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Author Topic: What I want  (Read 2170 times)


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What I want
« on: December 05, 2008, 02:29:01 PM »

I have a guy across the fence who likes to douse my house with chemicals. The cops are worthless so I need to do a great security safety zone. I got the x-10 camera system some time ago. It worked pretty well but was easy to step around cameras. I tried to cross zone so I could cover each camera with another but he would move them at 3 am so I could not see the area. I raised them on poles which made it harder but it was for me also. So I got another x-10 package. With the ninja base I could cover more area and was able to install another system to use with the base. I can see very well at nite and cover most of my 1/2 acre. I found the motors on the base to be powerful and work well. It seems that the creep can use a upnp to control my cameras and bases. It would br great if the system used a coded control program so only my system could control it. I really like the nite cameras do not have the infrared lites that give the position away. I just wished they worked with lower lite conditions. I have to get more idea's to stop the creep. Any idea's would be appreciated... Thanx for your time.

I guess if you have a drug dealer next door you invite them over for dinner.? You think security is humorous.? You should work at a check chashing place or a bank so everybody could enjoy your humor. If this is funny to you a family died in a fire cause the smoke det. didn't work. Pretty funny ..huh.? I am sure X-10 thinks I should dump thier products and make friends with a ****head. Maybe if you read my post you could figure out I have a fence. This SOB sprayed my dog with chemicals and the vet who put her down was pretty upset and the cops said I have no proof of who did it. So I will not subject another dog to a "chemical bath ". I have been told he wants my property by any means. I live alone so anytime I go to the store he comes on my property and messes with motion detectors and cameras so I have to arrange them each time. So anything he can reach is subject to tampering. His favorite is to dump liquid bug killer down the water heater vent. I have screws and pop rivets holding the head on but it don't stop him. I sleep 2 hrs at a time trying to catch him on the roof. I have told him only one will walk away. Thats how serious I am about security. I need to find a way to interfere with his upnp and the only thing I can think of is a iso-power supply. Any suggestions.? Thanx..
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HA Dave

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Re: What I want
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2008, 02:59:26 PM »

................... I have to get more idea's to stop the creep. Any idea's would be appreciated... Thanx for your time.

The definition of a computer geek: A person who finds a software solution to everyone of life's problems.

OK.. the above is obviously humor... but it makes a point.. that also makes people think. I myself am a huge fan of X10 and most other technology (including computers). I used motion sensors (PR511) to setup a perimeter detection system... and it works well (a fence is nice too). But no technology... not even X10 technology... resolves all of life's problems

It sounds (reads) to me like you have problems with your neighbor. I like inviting the neighbors over for dinner (lunch, a movie, or just coffee) from time-to-time. Over the years my wife and I have built a great relationship with some of our neighbors. If I wasn't such an ******* myself I think it would be even better. You might try befriending your neighbors... its worked for me.

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Re: What I want
« Reply #2 on: December 05, 2008, 05:09:46 PM »

Dave makes a good point. At some point you're going to have to make peace or come to some sort of arrangement with your neighbor. In the mean time I'd recommend some motion controlled flood lights and maybe even a siren. If it wakes others then maybe the peer pressure might sway your neighbor.

BTW... What kinds of chemicals is he putting on your house?
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Re: What I want
« Reply #3 on: December 05, 2008, 09:53:03 PM »

How 'bout a Rottweiler


That's better than some x10 junk.  ;D

What did you do to your neighbor to make him be like that?
Did you step on his housecode?

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