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Let us arrange modules in AHP like we could in old AH


Please Please Please!!!

I love how the AHP modules stay nice and organized. but for cryin' out loud, let us move them around the screen!
I like my modules down the left hand side of the screen. This way I can have a nice big square area of unused screen space for video.

As it is now, two rows across the top forces me to use a smaller video window if I am to maintain aspect ratio.

Good old AH could do this. While the modules could float around freely and would not snap to any grid, it was miles better
than AH Pro in this regard. I would just put my ATI video window right there in that big unused area "always on top" Faking
the iWatchOut video feature.


I like snapping to the grid, so if X10 reads this post, keep both options.

Bitman, you could get a second monitor and then have video on one and modules on the other... Monitors are cheap these days, $149 for a 22 inch widescreen, check your local Frys Electronics.


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