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Author Topic: would you recommend x10  (Read 13351 times)


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Re: would you recommend x10
« Reply #30 on: February 23, 2009, 06:27:05 PM »

so today im in our local circuit city and found a few X10 under a different name nexxtech so i picked up a 1 Mini Controller (MC10A) and a Price
1 Lamp Module (LM465) plus a 1 X10 Appliance Module. they have a few X10 Wall Switches i might pick up tomorrow....

the wife after seeing the lights turn on and off from a switched is liking the idea.... :)%

Wow I wish we had a local store that sold this stuff.... So Circuit city? did you get it at a good deal since they are closing shop.. Our local store is done and closed sad but guess that's the time we live in now. To many stores selling all the same crap lol

Is the nexxtech stuff just X10 with a name change or do they look completely changed?

yes exactly the same I picked up all the rest of the stuff they had... they were the last store in BC that any of the stuff I wanted...
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