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Author Topic: Which switch is best for bathroom vent fan? WS467 keeps fan on too low.  (Read 2349 times)


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The wall plate is a double plate, one for light and one for vent fan. It is a  small bathroom so I want both controled. I tried a WS467 but when the fan come son it is WAY slowey than with standard switch. Is the a heavier duty switch that will still fit in a double plate?

Brian H

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You can not use any two wire dimmer switch on a fan motor. The switch steals power through the load.
Also using any dimmer switch with a motor can be a problem. Unless designed for inductive loads.
They do make wall switches that have a relay in them to control loads like a fan motor. Do you know if the switch box has a Neutral Power wire in it? A neutral is needed for the switch to work as it does not steal power through the load.


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  As what Brian said.... and if you do have the neutral wire, then use the pro rocker switch.  It is an on/off style switch and they look nice.  They do make a "clunk" sound when activated on/off. 
   Look at the x10pro stuff.


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Give this a try. Might have to buy a 3.00 cover plate with one toggle opening and 1 paddle opening.
See attached sketch for proper wiring.

Till Later,
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