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Author Topic: help with the old theme from 60 to 50 Hz  (Read 1499 times)


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help with the old theme from 60 to 50 Hz
« on: March 20, 2009, 09:10:48 AM »

hello, sorry but English is the merit of google, I bought three in Argentina and CM15A units and about 40 modules, the conversion is made to 220 and it works, the clock works slower (-20%), I have problems AHP of all soft, down and upgraded to the V204.
I thought that had a CM15A clock itself and did not use the line frequency.
Wonder, setting the clock using the clock as 60Hz, is in the firmware or the CM15A and AHP there an English version Marmitek 220V and in this unit as I am thinking to do with a PIC a reference generator 60Hz,  microcontroller income of CM15, open the output pulses emerging from the x10 chip and enters a micro with ref. 60Hz and stored in memory and forward with 50Hz frequency. I will let you know when you try, or if you have another idea is welcome.
Thanks, Guillermo.
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