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Author Topic: AHP / CM15A & HomeZIX  (Read 7130 times)


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Re: AHP / CM15A & HomeZIX
« Reply #15 on: April 06, 2009, 06:35:24 PM »

Well that is a bummer, I wonder how anyone who write these progs I have have seem posted about gets them in to the 15A? I am not doubting you in the least but either they are all running a PC 24x7 and are talking to AHP that is talking to the 15A or there is another trick, this getting in to AHP and then letting AHP get the needed things in to the 15A.

The HomeZIX software says it talks tothe to the CM15A also, I wonder what they really mean? I guess they could be running AHP in the middle to run interference for them....

Wonder if any of hte programmers here would care to expand on this topic, specific to the CM15A.

Thanks for your comments so far...

Write to the publisher of HomeZIX with your questions.  Email:

Thanks to the address, I had used the Web Form mail on the web site and still no answer so this time I sent it to the address you provided. Odd that everything on that site seems to be dated circa 2007, wonder if they are still in biz...
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