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Author Topic: Got some old equip; need to set up motion activated cameras  (Read 4075 times)


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Got some old equip; need to set up motion activated cameras
« on: April 23, 2009, 12:34:39 PM »

Hey there.
I've got some old X10 equipment (not old but just never opened) and was wondering what else I need to be able to set up a few motion-activated cameras.
Here's what I have:
Mini-Transceiver TM751-C
Battery Pack for XC10A, ZB10A-C
4PK RF FireCracker Interface Kit CK18-A
Camera Scanning Remote CR!@A-C
4 2.4 GHz Anywhere Cameras XX11A-2-C
2 Video Receivers w/PS VK40A-C
10 motion sensors MS10A

What I want to do is:
Capture video from motion detection.  Maybe get notified of motion via an email and then go online to actually see the cameras - or - maybe just log the video to a pc or dvr.  I believe viewing via internet the resolution might not be that good but not sure.

Any help in what I need is appreciated.
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