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Author Topic: Installation of Vanguard (or multiview) WITHOUT internet connection?  (Read 7473 times)


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I have purchased both Vanguard and Multiview.  I have a situation where I wish to connect one or two cameras to a pc (XP) at a location where there is no internet connection.  Is this possible?  When I run the exe file it wants to connect to the internet.  If I run the exe from a computer connected to the web, it only will install, not save. Thanks for advice.


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Most of the software installation programs are just stubs and need to connect to X10 site to download and install the full software.  Others may be able to point you where you may download the full software but I do not have that information being a newbie myself.


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contact customer support and ask the to send you the downloads in complete zip files. they did for me
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