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Universal Remote Code for Scientific Atlanta 8300 HD DVR for Time Warner


Hi everyone,

I've recently purchased the X10 wireless video sender and am struggling with the universal remote codes. I'm trying to control a Time Warner Scientific Atlanta 8300 HD DVR cable box. I can't seem to get the right code, even through the search method.

I have one code that allows the cable box to turn on and off and I can get channel up and down, but I can't get control of the guide or the recordings in the DVR. Has anyone else come across this or have any suggestions that might help?



Brian H:
Is the remote in the kit a UR73A?
The only code in the list for Scientific Atlanta is 527. The basic control maybe all that remote supports; as it has no learing function. Where it could learn the original remotes commands.

The code list for the Icon remotes show seven code choices for Scientific Atlanta and they also have a learn from original remote feature.

Yes, that is the remote control that I am trying to get to work with my SA Explorer.
Sounds like I may not be able to get this resolved easily...

Thanks for the help.



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