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Author Topic: Backyard alarm  (Read 4229 times)


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Backyard alarm
« on: March 25, 2010, 06:54:19 PM »

I have a cm15a with 2 motion sensors MS(same codes), lamp module LM(same code as MS) and 2 universal modules UM (2 diff. codes) . I built a  2 sirens utilizing the UMs located at 2 diff gates.  I installed a MS  at both locales but i have been trying ( B:() to get both sirens to work if one or the other MS triggers. I have conditions set for away (button on remote) and dusk to dawn (dummy module). The MS seems to turn on LM but they dont cut on UMs.  I can take a MS from location closer to cm15a and it works.  Is there a way to use a TM751 to help if it is a range problem?  OR any help at all? ???
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