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Author Topic: An idea to recharge motion detector batteries without removing them.  (Read 1533 times)


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When I was working on my smoke detector changing system I thought of this idea:

At night when the smoke detector wakes us up signaling a low battery condition, we usually think of a ladder or a baseball bat.

My thought was to create an inductive loop charger that you would raise up to the smoke detector, go back to sleep, and awake to recharged batteries.

I believe that my electric toothbrush uses an inductive charger for 3 VDC.

The batteries and the internal charging loop would have to be made small enough to fit inside the smoke detector.

Now, that I am designing an automatic water ON/OFF system using MS16A's I reminded myself about my old idea.

Imagine how nice it could be if we could recharge our motion detectors every 2 months or so, by an inductive charger.

This is my smoke detector invention:

HBO:TV's Top 5! Sep. 9, 2007 - 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'

Larry David beats his smoke detector to death with a bat

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