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Author Topic: Flag status not bing read or set???  (Read 14144 times)


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Re: Flag status not bing read or set???
« Reply #15 on: December 07, 2010, 10:08:09 AM »

Hey Dan,
thanks for correcting my typo. keyboard dyslexia ya know :)
that would'a led to some confusion.
AHP 3.236. CM15A. XTB-IIR. XTBM. Hauppauge 950Q.


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Re: Flag status not bing read or set???
« Reply #16 on: January 01, 2011, 09:46:54 PM »

Hey Bob,
Clear the CM15's memory of all timers, macros, etc.
Create a new AHP file, e.g., TESTMAC.AHP.
Create one Macro that is triggered on a sensor or remote, e.g., B1 On.
No conditions in that macro other than the B1 On trigger.
Make the macro set a flag, say Flag 6.
Download that to your CM15A.
Close ActiveHome Pro altoghether leaving only the CM15A online and ready.
Get your sensor/remote that's set to B1.
Trip it or press On to send that B1 On signal to the CM15A.
Start ActiveHome Pro.
Open the Log (<F2>).
Locate the single B1 On command that you just sent via the sensor/remote.
Close the Log.
Open the Status browser (<F3>)
Check the status of Flag 6.
If that's alll good, modify the single Macro to Clear Flag 6.
Download it to the CM15A.
Close ALL ActiveHome Pro windows.
Trip the sensor (or press the On button for your remote).
Start ActiveHome Pro again.
Check the log for the the B1 On command sent...
Check the Status Browser to see if Flag 6 was cleared.
What sayeth ye sir?

Sorry for the long lag time, holidays and all :)

Setting and clearing the flags worked like a charm, followed your above instructions.  Now for some odd reason, the status stuff is working...  ARGH!  The only thing consistent about AHP is its inconsistency! :)

Thank!  I am going to start maerging in some of my original configs and see what broke it...  Thanks a ton!

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