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Author Topic: Recording video on motion with the floodcam  (Read 1932 times)


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Recording video on motion with the floodcam
« on: March 29, 2011, 07:44:08 PM »

I have read a large number of posts regarding the VT38A and it appears everyone that has been successful is using smart macros. Is there any one out there that has accomplished reliable recording with out smart macros???

My VT38A is set to C1

My attempts include:
C1 on

C1 off
***stop record

This failed miserably. It would start and stop recording when ever it wanted. Plus often the light would stay on even during the day with this one. with out a macro light only comes on at night.

Second attempt:
C1 on
***start recording
***wait 1 minute
***VT38A off
***stop recording

This one failed because while I am out there testing it the light just shuts off even though I am still out there moving around.]

I have tried other combo and failed. any suggestions??
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