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How do I obtain MyHousenline


OK.  Im confused.  I purchased the camera system and activehomepro.  according to my order it supposed to contain MyHouseOnline and Smart Macros

When I am in AHP and I go to the register screen and all I see is ActiveHomePro iwatch and iwatch mobile pro.  I see nothing for Smart Macros or MyHouseOnline.

Am I missing something?  I received registration codes in an email for six items.  Three of them were the ones I mentioned earlier, and I have no ide where to put the other three.

In that same email it gave me six different links.  They all appear to be the same AHP install and wondering which one I should have used for the initial install.  I have since reuqestde another software link, and I get one link and when I download it, its the same as the one I downloaded originally.

Any help anyone can provide is much appreciated.  Again I am looking to get the smart macro and the Myhouseonline plug ins installed.


SmartMacros and MyHouseOnline are separate plugins that need to be installed.
Here are the download links for them:


Thank you for your quick reply!  I did have to cut and paste the links, they had an extra http:// in there.

Here are the links in case anyone else got as confused as I :)


Thanks for pointing that out. The forum made the change when I pasted the link in.
I went back and fixed my original links.
they will work as an http call to


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