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Can't get to work anywhere


Does this work for anyone?
I tried from XP Pro IE7 (two different machines).   Windows 7 x64 IE8.   Windows 7 x64 IE8 in 32bit mode.  
Added * to Trusted Sites.  Set all IE settings to "Enable" or "Prompt" for ActiveX controls.   Ran IE as Administrator on the Windows 7 machines.

NOTHING WORKS!!   The website just shows the black screen with little box.   I get all the prompts asking to Install the activeX control but then it says "Done" in status bar and remains on the black screen.  

This is maddening.

I read some posts about Windows DEP blocking it somehow, but no details provided about how to get around it.

Does this even work for anyone???

I figured it out after much  B:( B:( B:( B:( B:( B:( B:(

It doesn't work on any old PC connected to the internet.  ActiveHome software needs to be installed on the PC if you expect to work.  Once I installed it, the website suddenly worked.

X10 MUST update their documentation. geesh.   B:( B:( B:(


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