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Wall Switch Works Only Once


I recently bought a house with a simple X10 system that controlled four light switches.
Controller unit died. Controller box displays 18:88 time and will not permit programming.
I replaced the controller with Active Home Professional.
Now trying to get the system working again.
Installed software and X10 controller.
Initial testing with lamp module (Intro Wizard)---I can turn the lamp module off with the controller. But I can do that ONE TIME ONLY. No further control is possible.
Same behavior ONE TIME ONLY ability to TURN OFF with the four wall X10 wall switches (WS467) already installed in my house when I bought it.
Other facts --- I can consistently activate an X10 door chime from this controller. It doesn’t seem to matter where the door chime is located in the house.
I have also moved the controller around so that it is on the same circuit or at least in close proximity to the wall switches. Same behavior.
I put the controller and the lamp module on the same power strip. Makes no difference.
Any helpwould be appreciated.

Brian H:
If the Wall Switches are not soft start. Where they ramp On and Off.  Also have the resume dim feature.
Use the Old (Before Soft Start) list to define them.


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