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Author Topic: X10 fake TV alert - what a great idea!  (Read 1271 times)

HA Dave

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X10 fake TV alert - what a great idea!
« on: September 21, 2011, 09:12:50 AM »

Just got an X10 newsletter (sales advertisement). Here they are promoting the use of using an X10 motion sensor along with a VCR Commander. So anyone snooping around would also trigger on a TV that would give them the impression that someone is home.

I love using those older devices. Like VHS recorders and VCR Commanders even older TV's that display camera images. Wouldn't that same setup be an easy way to SEE who is driving up the driveway. The driveway motion sensor could turn ON the TV using the VCR Commander (and a chime set to the same code).

Motion sensors mounted at windows could even turn on and off TV's... or maybe better radios.

I myself have used AHP [and the CM15A] macros in combination with with VCR Commander. So I could grab short little VCR recording... only a few seconds in duration (that makes the tape easy to review). By using the AHP macros I can even use my X10 floodlights (PR511) to trigger a VCR Commander.

Using the VCR Commander in combination with the PowerMid IR signal resenders makes a handy way of "hiding away the commander" yet having the control of the devices in more public areas. The PowerMids are also compatable with appliance modules. So... lets say you want a "snooper" on your deck... to trigger a radio device in the spare bedroom. But you don't want the radio blasting while you're grilling burgers or letting out spot. You could use AHP macros to power on the PowerMid... to only be on during work hours... or with OnAlert only when your X10 alarm is set.
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