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Author Topic: Audio from Airsight in anything other than IE, ie: baby monitor using android  (Read 2941 times)


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The main reason I purchased the Airsight, was because it was advertised as a thousand uses including as a Baby Monitor.  This is what I currently need it for, but I was surprised to learn that audio is only supported in IE.  I was thinking of getting an Airpad 7P to couple with this, and use the Airpad as the monitor, which i could conveniently take with me wherever I went.  Obviously there is a fatal flaw to this plan if I can't hear my baby.  I understand why two way communication may require active x, but I don't understand why the audio from the mic isn't embedded into the video file, and couldn't be heard from a web connection that doesn't support Active X, for example, any android browser.

I'd appreciate both feedback from X10 on this, as well as interest from other users, to show X10 that there is a valid demand for the feature, which might encourage them to develop it.


Brian H

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You may not get a official response from X10 as we are a user to user forum.
You should get input from fellow users.


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just got tiny cam mointor from market  works great  pt and audio
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