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Author Topic: PSC01 work around alternative.  (Read 1592 times)


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PSC01 work around alternative.
« on: February 26, 2012, 01:21:11 PM »

I want to send a signal when a switch is closed.

PSC01 is becoming rare and it is too expensive.

My concept is to use a 315 MHZ or 433MHZ  transmitter/receiver to remotely control a 24 VAC circuit when a water leak is detected.

I have integrated several systems to achieve the goal and the following is my progress:

1>  Wireless Remote Control AC Electrical Power Outlet Plug Switch 1200 Watt. (433MHZ)

This is my main ON/OFF that I can manually switch or remotely control. 

2>  An X10 Appliance module is plugged into 1>
      An X10 Transceiver Module is plugged into a central location
      I use a X10 PRO PHR04 Wireless RF Key Chain Remote Control to control the Appliance Module.

The fob remote allows me to turn the house water ON/OFF when leaving or entering the house.

3>  Leak detection.

I am substituting a 12V 1CH 1000M Wireless remote control switch Receiver and Transmitter for the PSC01.   (315 MHZ).

See my thread about the problems that I am having with my 12 VDC wall wart.

I ordered these 433 MHZ devices, hoping that they would be compatible with the 1,200 Watt receptacle.

Wireless Home Security Door/Window Sensor System 433 MHz

That is where I am today.

The x10/fob and the 1,200 Watt receptacle/remote work great.

It's the PSC work around leak detector that is giving me the headaches.   B:(

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