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Author Topic: Airpad 7p Ics stuck at android boot screen!  (Read 8016 times)

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Re: Airpad 7p Ics stuck at android boot screen!
« Reply #15 on: April 11, 2012, 07:22:05 PM »


I had the same problem and reloading ICS fixed it; thanks a million!  Another thing I noticed as I was reloading pics from the desktop to the 7p was that as soon as I plugged in the usb cable it started charging.  I thought it wouldn't do that.  I've spent hours trying to find a spare charger that would do 1500mA @5v with an A tip, and now I find that it will charge off the usb cable.
Its not frying the battery is it?  It doesn't feel particularly hot or anything.  I also found an old "Adaptaplug" from Radio Shack for the car.  Will that work?

Thanks for all your help.



The Airpad 7p and Airpad XL will charge somewhat through the USB port. You won't hurt anything, but the battery will charge very slowly, and will never reach a full charge. I am not sure what an Adaptaplug is so I cannot help with that.

The Airpad1 and Aairpad X will not charge at all through the USB port.
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