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Author Topic: android camera control  (Read 2692 times)


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android camera control
« on: March 14, 2012, 10:30:26 AM »

hey there all,
I bought 2 airsight cameras, installed them and used the IP tool and web access. all works just fine, but

my android phone, airpad, and wife's nook have some problems seeing the video from the camera servers, namely most android based use a 'dolphin' browser and so don't work with the IE or Firefox browser links. And the mobile link is pathetic.

I downloaded a couple IP camera demos and tried them. narrowed it to 2 and settled on the winner just because it allows 16 cameras and has full audio and mic controls, motion and alarm controls, brightness, contrast, and full movement controls. not bad for $3.99. tinyCam fills out the camera info as a Foscam without zoom whens it reads the IP address.
Cool thing is it works on my phone and airpad the same, so no learning diff software for each.

Now if X10 would work a deal with tinyCam Monitor and include it on the install disk, free for a year, hint, hint, hint. see the above HINT.

tinyCam Monitor Pro can be found in the amazon app's, don't know about the android market as my airpad w/ice cream sandwich wont install it and I have been waiting for the manufacturer to respond for over a week now as to why the newer OS doesn't.

Wife's nook will probably end up rooted as she is impressed that the airpad handles both kindle and nook books, lol, will they never listen?
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