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Mini-Timer Module - MT13A no LCD backlight? Seriously?


Ok, so I just got this Mini-Timer -- really sweet looking unit that I thought I'd be able to use at our bed as an alarm clock, letting it turn on the stereo system to wake us up.  But how could they have forgotten to put a back light to the LCD display?  The time can't be seen even when you have subdude light in the room and not at all when you are got the lights off for bed.  This is a really BIG mistake IMHO. 

Seems so unusual NOT to have a back light on a clock that I keep looking all over the unit to see if I am missing a switch someplace.  If there is one, I can't find it. 

Can anyone verify that there actually isn't a backlight in this unit?

If not, :-(


Odd - I have the Radio Shack version (no longer available) of this, and it has background lighting.

Brian H:
Both my MT12A and MT13A Mini-Timers have a backlight.
Either X10 changed something or yours is defective.
My MT13A is a date Code 08J43. 43rd. week of 2008.

mine never had a backlight.... dropped it once and now the LCD screen it slightly damaged, the readout wont work all the way, sometimes the numerals are missing.... looks like I need a new one.

My MT12A has worked fine for years but has no backlight. Today I went to look at it because one of the lights connected to it just came on for no reason. When I looked at the timer, only the top half of the screen was visible? Guess I will have to replace it! :'(


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