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Rubbish Bin (Trash cans) monitor and status update


aussie mate:
I thought some people might be interested in my rubbish bin monitoring and status update system.

As background - I have wired my bins to a micro switch dry contact that is connected to a x10 control sensor. When the contact is closed the module sends x10 signal of J2 ON. When open it sends J2 OFF.

Bin Sensor = address J2.
J2 ON = IN, AHP macro sets flag 8 ON
J2 OFF = OUT, AHP macro sets flag 8 OFF

using BVC custom command
Custom command 1 - "what is the rubbish bin status" - send F2 ON
Custom command 2 - "what is the rubbish bin status" - "I will check my sensors"

AHP: Macro 1
Trigger F2 ON
Condition - Flag status 8 = ON
Send F2 OFF

AHP Macro 2
Trigger F2 ON
Condition - Flag status 8 = OFF
Send F2 Dim

BVC listener - Bin Status - IN
trigger F2 OFF
Announcement "my sensors show that the rubbish bins are in their normal position near the power meter box"

BVC listener - Bin Status - OUT
trigger F2 Dim
Announcement "my sensors show that the rubbish bins have been put out for collection"

It works great - I just need to ask BVC "what is the rubbish bin status"
It checks and will tell me

I love it Mate. I really enjoy stuff like this. I will thankfully utilize your efforts and success. It is difficult proving to some of my friends that I am not crazy, & that plenty other folks like creating and tinkering.
How bout a status or notification service indicating that/if the bins have been emptied by collectors ? ! ! ?
I'll enjoy a mug of piss on this one. >!

HA Dave:
Very nice! I think one of the best uses for BVC is the voice warnings and announcements. Being able to simply poll/ask for a device status... is prime Home Automation.

I have a timed wager with one of my buddies. He and I were chatting about my latest creation, the "SamSwung" (an automated electromechanical TV mount) that I recently finished. Well, he could not find his lighter. So I said jokingly "next I am going to install 'AutoLight'.  -:)  "Great, whats 'AutoLight',  ???  and does it have lights and speakers"?  rofl So I says to him "AutoLight' is all part of the "TequilaDune 'AutoLife" and you wont need to have a lighter in yer' britches. All ya gotta do is say outloud.....  'TequilaDune AutoLife, I need a light' and like George Jetson, an automated arm appears in front of you that lights your cigarette". He bet me $100.00 that in one years time I could not create the automated ignition of ones fag, (cigarette, smoke, cigarillo, joint, pipe, number, dubie, or whatever yaolive come to call lighting yer' cancer stick).
Tequila Dune is on it. I have til' July. No problem!

TequilaDune, Tequila Dune Enterprises -:), AutoLife.sys, AutoReply.sys among others are Registerd Tradmarks

HA Dave:

--- Quote from: ICanFixAnything on October 18, 2012, 02:47:46 AM ---Tequila Dune is on it. I have til' July. No problem!

--- End quote ---

I recall the X10 Mole detector......


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