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Author Topic: Airsight XX36A Wireless Range  (Read 2584 times)


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Airsight XX36A Wireless Range
« on: May 12, 2012, 08:39:42 AM »

Does anyone know the wireless range of the Airsight XX36A Outdoor Camera?  I've been able to get the camera setup in wireless mode and it works fine about 20 feet away from my D-Link DI-624 wireless router.  When I move the camera outside(still about 20 feet away), I am unable to connect to the camera.  I live in a wood framed house with wood siding on the exterior so I don't think there is an interference problem.  I am able to connect to my wireless network using my iPhone in the exact spot where I am trying to install my camera outside and even much further away out in the street at about 150 feet.  I'm beginning to think it's an issue with the wireless antenna on the Airsight IP camera.  I'm already sending the other identical camera I bought back to X-10 for a replacement. When I tried to attach the wireless antenna to that unit, the BNC type connector on the camera body would just spin like it wasn't connected to anything inside the camera.  It looks like there is no quality check on these things before they ship them out.  Any help on extending range would be greatly appreciated.
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