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Author Topic: XX40A AirSight PTZ Pro Wireless - Dual IP Addresses  (Read 4537 times)


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XX40A AirSight PTZ Pro Wireless - Dual IP Addresses
« on: June 21, 2012, 05:03:17 PM »

Configuring  XX40A AirSight PTZ Pro Wireless IP Camera requires manually connecting an ethernet cable to a wireless modem.  However, when doing such with AT&T/Uverse 2Wire modem resulted in creating unnecessary ethernet IP address AND a wireless IP address for each camera; i.e. 2 cameras results in 4 IP address being allocated within the 2Wire modem.  AT&T tech support could not remove the unnecessary connections w/o performing a factory reset which cleared out everything and forces me to reconfigure each camera, again.  Uverse tech support says that I cannot enter an ipconfig statement at a command prompt that will individually clear the connections as they are stored in the 2Wire modem.  Does anyone know how to clear/release/disconnect the ethernet IP address on a 2Wire modem without performing a factory reset?

X10 tech support says XX40A cameras have to be manually connected via an ethernet cable to configure.  Does anyone know another method to configure?  Itís too bad they donít utilize a plain text configuration file that sets parameters.  Any hackers out there?  X10's method results in possibility of 2 IP addresses per camera when using a 2WIRE modem.


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Re: XX40A AirSight PTZ Pro Wireless - Dual IP Addresses
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2012, 04:37:14 PM »

Your observations are correct. One question you should ask is if you can set a Static IP adddress for the Wireless camera. This would solve your problem when you reset all the IP addresses on your ATT Router. After Router rest make sure that Router has dedicated static IPs defined to recevice your cameras.

My question is... why do you care if the additional addresses are on your router, they do not cause any conflicts do they?
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