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Author Topic: Just received two cameras and neither work  (Read 1162 times)


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Just received two cameras and neither work
« on: October 13, 2012, 01:42:42 PM »

I just received two cameras. The Outdoor wireless XC38A and the indoor wireless XC39A.

When I first powered up the indoor camera it came on, moved and I was able to see it on the IP Search program.  I never could get a picture though.  I was trying different things and may have messed something up.  I did a right click on the camera in the IP search and an options menu came up.  I think I may have accidentally unchecked a box at the top that was maybe labeled DHCP.  I can not get back in to change it.  Is this causing me problems.  When I plug the camera in now it does nothing.  No lights or movement. Nothing comes in in the IP Search.

The outdoor camera has never came on or showed up in the IP Search.  When I first power it on it makes several clicking noises internally.  Doesn't it have a power on light on the front?

Not sure what I am doing wrong as neither camera will work.
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