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Little Mato:
Not sure if this is the correct place to post this.....................
What would all this be worth?
Looking to sell if anyone is interested.

28- LM465 Lamp Modules
5-Smart Home Lamp Modules
2-AM486 2 pin Appliance Modules
8-AM486 3 pin Appliance Modules
4-SR227 Split Receptacle Modules
6-WS467 Wall Switch Modules
1-WS4777 3 Way Remote Wall Switch
4-SS13A 3 Unit+Dim RF Style Switch
1-MT13A Mini Timer
2-UM506 Universal Modules
1-XPCR System Coupler Repeater
1-TH2807 Thermostat Set Back Controller
1-IR543 IR Command Center
1-TR16A Telephone Responder
2-VA11A USB Video Adapter
1-CM15A Active Home Pro (plus Software and Registration Codes)
1-MK10A Lola Remote Music System
2-RR501 Tranceiver Modules
2-TM751 RF Transceiver Module
1-SH10A Power Horn Remote Siren (Small)
3-PH508 Power Horn Remote Siren (Large)
1- Smart Home Signalinc Model 4816B2
3-MS10A Supervised Wireless Motion Sensors
5-MS14A Indoor/Outdoor Motion Sensors
4-MS16A Active Eye Inddor/Outdoor Motion Sensors
2-LM15A Remote Control Lamp Module
8-DS10A Door/Window Sensors (plus EXTRA Reed Contacts)
1-UR73A Platium Remote Control
2-HR12A Palm Pad Remote Control
1-SH624 Security/Home Automation Remote Control
1- Ninja Pan and Tilt Camera Base with Camera
1-CR14A Ninja Pan and Tilt Remote
3-KC674 Key Chain Remote
1-KR19A Key Chain Remote
2-CM19A USB Wireless Transceiver
1-VR36A 2.4GHz Wireless Video Receiver
1-XC18A 2.4GHz Wireless Color Camera
6-XC22A 2.4GHz Wireless B/W Cameras (4 with power supply, 2 with

Little Mato:
 B:( WOW !!! I know it's been a long time since I was on here... Can't believe no one has even replied   >*<


* http://forums.x10.com/index.php?topic=27643.0

dave w:

--- Quote from: Little Mato on October 29, 2012, 05:39:14 PM --- B:( WOW !!! I know it's been a long time since I was on here... Can't believe no one has even replied   >*<

--- End quote ---
I don't think this board has a daily audience of thousands..more like tens.  :'    It may take several days to get a response. Do you intend on selling individually or as a package deal?

Probably have better luck on ebay.

Little Mato:
Want to keep it package deal...

Thought about Ebay, but didn't know how to figure shipping (it's a lot of stuff!!)


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